Block Rush is a news site about the Blockchain Rush, we publish exclusive reports about the opportunities in the Blockchain industry as well as the insights on the potential applications of Blockchain technology.

Since its inception in 2008, the Blockchain technology has continued to grow and may even power the Internet of Things. For this reason it has become necessary to have an online chronicle of the Blockchain revolution. That Blockchain revolution chronicle is Block Rush.

At Block Rush you will find in dept analysis reviews, case studies and news about the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry. Block Rush is targeted at investors, entrepreneurs, developers as well as everyone who has interest in the Blockchain industry. Block Rush was founded in 2016 by Makafui George Dzivenu.

Block Rush is a neologized term by Makafui George Dzivenu to represent the exponential growth and exploitation of the Blockchain industry. Block Rush stands for Blockchain Rush.

Blockchain Rush projects

Coin Sheriff

Read publications on the feasibiltiy and opportunities of a Blockchain powered civilization on Coin Sheriff.

Coin Index

Find out the ranks and performance of your cryptocurrency investments through this minimalist crypto price index.

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